What's New
  • biobar 2.0.1 - 03 March 2010
  • biobar 1.5.2 - 25 Oct 2007
  • biobar 1.5.1 - 18 Jul 2006
  • biobar 1.4 - 03 Dec 2005
  • biobar 1.3 - 09 Mar 2005
  • biobar- First Release July 2004
Other Stuff

The Biobar Project is no longer maintained at MOZDEV. The latest updates to biobar may be found from Any versions of the source found on this site are legacy and cannot be trusted to install on your browser.

Biobar - A toolbar for browsing biological data and databases.

The biobar project is a bioinformatics power-browsing toolbar for Mozilla-based browsers including Firefox/Flock/Mozilla/Netscape and Seamonkey. This toolbar provides access to major biological data resources. The primary advantage of this tool is that it allows a biologist to browse and retrieve data from Genomic, Proteomic, Functional, Literature, Taxonomic, Structural, Plant and Animal-specific databases. In addition to the browsing features, biobar also provides links to important bioinformatics sites and services including services at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ). The tool also provides links to major data deposition sites for nucleotide, protein and 3D-structure data. Finally, the menu also contains links to many Sequence, Structure alignment and analysis tools.

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New in Version 1.5.2 (Firefox/Flock Only).

  • Correction to broken searches in Ensembl
  • Correction to broken searches in RCSB PDB
  • Right click menu on text highlight to search literature resources
  • New in Version 1.4 (Firefox Only)

  • Added SCIRUS
  • Added Global Biodiversity Information Facility
  • Fixed broken links, corrected BioCyc database update problem
  • New in Version 1.3:

  • Search Groups of Data (sequences, function, taxonomy)
  • Add/Save/Edit Custom Links on toolbar menu
  • Open searches in new tab/existing tab
  • BioCyc species read in from remote XML file for dynamic updates
  • Biobar code rewritten from scratch to move to a manageable XML based format.
  • Add/Replace own search databases by simple edits of XML files. See Customize

  • This project is under development and any comments/suggestions are welcome. Please write to

    The biobar project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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